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Scrap Copper Recycling

image of a pile of scrap copperInstead of throwing away hundreds or even thousands of pounds of recyclable scrap copper, your company can help the environment by conserving resources and energy while earning some money back in return. Scrap copper recycling helps keep the cost of copper products low which is beneficial for consumers.

Scrap copper recycling is cheaper than mining and extracting new copper. With the growing international concern about limited metal resources, scrap copper recycling is even more important in this day and age. Scrap copper recycling offers a world of benefits including lower prices, a cleaner environment, minimized landfill impact, and maximized energy efficiency, among others. The more copper companies recycle, the lower the prices for products utilizing copper as a raw material. Less energy is used when recycling scrap copper recycling than mining copper so the process reduces the world’s consumption of fossil fuels.

If you’re a manufacturer using copper, a contractor harvesting scrap copper from demolition jobs, or some other commercial or industrial business that finds itself with a significant amount of scrap copper on hand from time to time, we provide scrap copper recycling services that pays top dollar for your scrap copper.

At James G. Grant Co., Our goal is to offer residential, industrial and commercial clients in central New England a more eco-friendly alternative to deal with metal scraps, especially scrap copper. Since landfills around the world are rapidly getting filled up, the cost of using one is quickly increasing. Scrap copper recycling not only helps you side-step the expensive and wasteful landfill option, it puts money in your pocket while helping improve the environment.

Contact the  scrap copper recycling experts here at James G. Grant to learn more about how you can start recycling scrap copper today!