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Scrap Aluminum Recycling for Nonantum, Massachusetts

Scrap Aluminum Recycling for Nonantum, MassachusettsScrap aluminum recycling is a great way to get paid for excess aluminum that your company may generate. Aluminum is the most recycled metal in the world. Because of this continued effort, businesses and individuals help lower the cost of producing and manufacturing new materials. At James G. Grant Company, located in Readville Massachusetts, we’re happy to play a key role in that movement.

In most cases, aluminum is never 100% pure. In fact, aluminum alloys are used in most industry-specific applications and are based on hardness, texture, and strength. Despite not being pure aluminum, these alloys can be used for scrap aluminum recycling for Nonantum, Massachusetts.

If you’re in need of scrap aluminum recycling, James G. Grant Company provides the following services that can help you recycle your materials:

  • Scrap metal disposal and recycling
  • Construction waste removal
  • Demolition and cleanout
  • C&D waste material transfer station services

As one of the most widely used metals, aluminum has transformed industries around the world, from transportation to construction to electrical, which is why scrap aluminum recycling for Nonantum, Massachusetts is so valuable. Because of this, almost anything that contains aluminum and its alloys can be processed and recycled. In fact, even torn aluminum sheets, wrappers, flimsy wires, and dented frames can be sent to our recycling center. There they will undergo processing and will be provided to companies that are in need of materials.

As the leading facility for scrap aluminum recycling, Nonantum, Massachusetts, James G. Grant Company’s advanced processing effectively handles most kinds of aluminum and alloys, as well as other scrap metals. While we can process just about any form of the metal, much of the materials we recycle include aluminum extrusions, such as window and door frames.

Cast aluminum is another major material used for Nonantum, Massachusetts, scrap aluminum recycling. Unlike extruded aluminum, cast aluminum is produced by pouring molten aluminum into a casting where it solidifies into a rough shape. Improperly formed castings, cut-off scrap, and other aluminum waste from the casting process are perfect for recycling!

If you’re looking into services for scrap aluminum recycling, it’s best if the material is freed of iron inserts, screws, plastic, rubber, and other foreign materials, which can reduce the value of the aluminum scrap.

To learn more about how you can profit from recycling scrap materials and help the environment, please contact our team here at James G. Grant Company!